August 02, 2010

Update, The Tenth Chapter to 'R.E.A.P' has now been added! I know it's been an entire month since my last update, but I couldn't get my internet back in time to gather enough information for this chapter. In any case, I've made this chapter especially longer due to it being the 10th release since I've started this series. =D I hope everyone who reads it will appreciate the effort I've gone through to write it. I feel my skills are slowly coming together.

10. Time's Spoken Word

With Lou and the gang running and hiding for their lives we go back and take a look at what started this mess in the first place. Is this really the end of the line for Sam and Lily?


Once again, I'm no pro, but I plan on improving my skills as a writer, and this is definitely the best way I can manage so far. =D

If anyone has anymore feedback or anything that could help me improve on my writing skills please comment on the chapter itself. Thank you.